tools for transformation




These jewelry are tools
designed to evoke

Evolution has planted
a seed in each of us
designed for transformation

People call our jewelry

-   modern talismans

-   catalysts of wisdom

-   spiritual practice reminders

We see them as tools for transformation


Three facets . One continuum
Your evolution

The infinite source
at your fingertips

How it works

  • Choose the tool that resonates with you and aligns with your values
  • Load it with your own intention, purpose or meaning. Or get inspired by our list
  • Let it remind you. To practice. To re-connect. To be authentic. In real time
  • Share and inspire. Join our community


True insight arise
from the space
between opposites







Our five core beliefs

We are seeds

of consciousness and love. Nurtured by meaning and connectedness.

We are here to evolve and express our unique purpose

Open the senses

Engage the intelligence of the whole body to fully experience the present moment

Touch beauty and let beauty touch your heart.

Make real sense

Objects designed with layers of meaning open the ancient mind

Eternal symbols awaken our  inner knowing and deep trust

Be essence

Sacred design can enable access to the infinite field of loving  intelligence that surrounds us

Inhabit it.
It is our source

Practice. Now

Transformation only happens in real time. Embody your wisdom. In life. As you live it

Forget and be reminded
Show up with grace

After 25 years at the international frontier of Product Design, I was prepared and ready to follow my deepest calling

As a long time meditator and spiritual practitioner, I could think of nothing more important to design than tools for transformation

To evoke and live from our true essence

Why ? To answer our souls longing for purpose, meaning and connectedness. To become who we are meant to be and co-create the future we all belong in. Reminding us of our inner wholeness as we move foreward and rebuild a whole and sustainable new world

Senseeds is my mind and heart in fusion. It's my take on designing tools to nurture awakening and embodiment. Jewelry is ideal to nudge us, to walk our talk and re-wire our neurons

Spiritual evolution - in real time

Based on sacred geometry, the primordial source code of the universe, these meta-symbols are layered with meaning. Like riddles or 3D koans, pointing to the mystery

Tools to inspire and remind us

To sense the sublime in the mundane and re-enchant our worlds. To favor curiosity over certainty and bring more of our authentic selves into everyday moments. To feel our connection with the infinite source and remember what we are here to do. To show up with a little more beauty, truth and goodness

Welcome ! Join our journey and our community

Jakob Wagner / Designer / Founder

What people say...

About Beyond

" I think it is great. I especially use it to remind me of non-duality and unity in general "

Ken Wilber, Philosopher, USA

" It transmits not just beauty but truth, by putting me literally "in touch" with the deep structures of the Kosmos. What a gift "

Jeff Saltzman, The Daily Evolver, USA

" When my fingers or eyes touch the form I sense ... the essence of the Universe' infinite possibilities expanding into eternity "

Pamela von Sabljar, Radical facilitator, Sweden

" It looks and feels great on my heart center, a beautiful reminder of our connection with the entire universe. A handcrafted seed of love, light and ONENESS "

Daniel Matallana, Embodiment teacher, Colombia

About Joyn

" It is beautiful, elegant and evokes the sense of intimacy and oneness humanity needs "

Patricia Albere, Evolutionary Collective, USA

" I love it. It reminds me that however difficult a divide may seem at a given moment, the potential for wholeness is always there "

Susan Harris, Integral Architecture, California

" I have been wearing the beautiful Joyn and received many words of appreciation. We plan to use it as an anchor in our work shops soon "

Comala Lyra, Tantric teacher, Ibiza